TGIF School-Age DayCare

Parents in Queens are discovering a fun and safe school age daycare that has healthy food and great activities to fill the day. “TGIF” is a school-age child care program that is available to your student in Kindergarten through 5th grade.

“TGIF” is a wonderful option for working parents, providing school age child care that includes snacks, lunch, and dinner.

Children playing with a parachute at school .

Our “TGIF” program goals are:

1. To create a fun, friendly, and safe atmosphere. We want your child begging to return!
2. To strengthen students’ curiosity and self-confidence.
3. To engage students’ in unique physical and hands-on activities. Trained staff members implement group projects and interactive lesson plans throughout the day. Students participate in a variety of exciting and creative activities that may include drama, art, outdoor recreation, invited speakers, trips, media, and group projects related to the day’s theme.

Registrations are open to all K-5th grade students. School-age child care days are from 8AM to 6:30PM (Half day option available) located at 8110 35th Avenue Jackson Heights.

We offer Wii, Knex, and Lego-alternative building toys for students. These toys will help build important skills such as: visual-spatial awareness, problem solving skills, creative thinking, shape, and color recognition.

Enrollment Options

Full Day :  8:00 am to 6:30 pm.

Half Day Morning : 9am to 12:00 pm.

Half Day Afternoon : 1pm to 4pm. 

Students do not have to be a current 82nd Street Academics.

General Environment: In the TGIF program, your student will work and play in a clean, safe, and welcoming classroom. Our staff members will treat your student with respect and dignity.

Student Responsibility: Students are expected to make a good faith effort every day to cooperate with others, respect others. We use positive discipline to help students with:

1- Self-Awareness – become aware of their emotions and control them

2- Social-Awareness – aware of the feelings and rights of others

3- Personal Responsibility – to treat others with respect in behavior and attitude

4- Goal-Directed Behavior – to try projects and group activities

5- Optimistic Thinking – to have self confidence in their abilities

6- We only register students who can function in a 1:10 staff student ratio


TGIF School Age Gold sample schedule 

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