School Age Academics STEM Arts

School Age Academics STEM Arts – Programs at 82nd Street Academics continue to empower students to rejoice in who they are and explore who they can be.


Homework Complete and Correct in Afterschool

Academic development is key in every Afterschool program operated by 82nd Street Academics. It’s hard to be optimistic about success tomorrow if your homework isn’t complete and correct tonight. The tuition-funded afterschool program at 8110 35th Avenue includes a promise and guarantee that the homework will be complete and correct if the student stays for the full session. The DYCD-funded programs make time for homework too, but as one of several required activities.


STEM, Arts, Playground, Dance

Afterschool STEM Arts Homework

Afterschool and Summer Gold are also times to explore music, dance, science and technology. As technical topics get more attention, robotics and coding will also be in the lesson plans for your student.


Social-Emotional Development in Afterschool

Afterschool is a friend-making time and some of these friendships may last a lifetime. We teach eight social-emotional skills, using the Devereux Student Strengths Assessment (DESSA). Why are these skills critical for success? Students succeed when they improve in areas such as self-control, social awareness, task persistence, and optimistic thinking. 82nd Street coaches collect data and study student progress to make sure that each student is working on their areas of development. You will hear more about this when you meet with the lead coach for your student.


Diversity in Afterschool 

afterschool STEM Arts homework

Afterschool is a safe space during hours when students may still be developing wisdom on how to choose safe friends and safe spaces. Afterschool at 82nd Street Academics rejoices in many kinds of diversity – language, ethnic, gender, religious, or LGBTQI. We have monthly diversity themes which celebrate different representatives of our learning communities.



Afterschool programs also include visioning for the future with local and overnight trips to universities. 8th-grade  – 12th-grade students may be eligible for the overnight trip to Harvard, Binghamton, Cornell, and others.



Jade Elias is the Chief Program Officer for 82nd Street Academics. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to managing the 10 programs in the 82nd Street Academics portfolio.