After School 2021
Every Child Deserves a Chance
We Know How Hard It Is
We’re Not Just Teachers

We also faced struggles to get our fair chance


Children Get Their Chance

At 82nd Street

Join us in joyous struggle to get kids a great education with a fair chance for a great life.

82nd Street Academics’ mission is to complement public education so that students, regardless of home language, will have access to quality higher education. We help students take those crucial “early steps to college.” Our main office is located in the heart of Jackson Heights, Queens – a historic New York City neighborhood growing in cultural and lingual diversity.

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Info on how we are addressing current concerns about our Fall 2020 programs.


“82nd Street helps me with my grammar and with my multiplication and division.
They also help me with how to turn fraction into decimals. That’s why I love 82nd Street”
Maryan, Grade 4

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“If my homework is too hard, I’ll ask my teachers for help. The teachers here are very nice…
I was a part of 82nd St since I was in Kindergarten. I had lots of friends in school and Summer School.”
Regina, Grade 7

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“The reason why I came to thie summer program is I wanted to learn more about America and the world out of my country,
and also to practice my English speaking clearer. And another important reason is I HAVE A LOT OF FUN HERE.”
George, Grade 7