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Every Child Deserves a Chance
We Know How Hard It Is
We’re Not Just Teachers

We also faced struggles to get our fair chance


Children Get Their Chance

At 82nd Street

Join us in joyous struggle to get kids a great education with a fair chance for a great life.


Welcome to 82nd Street Academics !

Inclusive Academic and Social Development define 82nd Street Academics!

  • We complement public education so that students, regardless of home language or other societal barriers, will have access to quality higher education.
  • We use a combination of five developmental tools that we call the ‘5 Forces’.  
  • We also use resources from national and regional associations such as the Network for Youth SuccessAfter School Alliance and Day Care Council of New York


Our Afterschool Coaches and Early Childhood Teachers use the Five Forces Tools to Empower Students academically and socially-emotionally; also to Delight Students for high engagement; in addition to those results, we also start a Lifetime Love for Learning.


We have five sites and our office is located in the heart of Jackson Heights, Queens – a historic New York City neighborhood growing in cultural and lingual diversity.

inclusive academic social development

Parents who contact us often have concerns such as:

  • My child is struggling in school and needs a small homework group for him to understand and finish the homework
  • My child gets bullied at school and we want a place that makes her happy with friends
  • My child doesn’t enjoy reading so we’re looking for a place with varied activities to motivate learning

Is that a concern similar to yours? This site will help you choose high-quality Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle School and High School resources.  Also, we explain ways in which we are unique at 82nd Street Academics with inclusive Academic and Social Development of young people. Additionally, we have links to other agencies that you might consider. Finally, there is also a list of educational resources that will always be of help. Start with these links:


Bienvenidos a 82nd Street Academics !

La misión de 82nd Street Academics es complementar la educación pública para que los estudiantes, independientemente del idioma del hogar, tengan acceso a una educación superior de calidad. Ayudamos a los estudiantes a dar esos “primeros pasos hacia la universidad” cruciales.


Nuestra oficina principal está ubicada en el corazón de Jackson Heights, Queens, un vecindario histórico de la ciudad de Nueva York que crece en diversidad cultural y lingüística.

Queremos tener suficiente información para usted en este sitio para ayudarlo a elegir recursos de alta calidad para la primera infancia, la escuela primaria, la escuela intermedia y la escuela secundaria. Explicamos lo que hacemos y tenemos enlaces a otras agencias y recursos educativos que siempre serán de ayuda. Comience con estos enlaces:


“82nd Street helps me with my grammar and with my multiplication and division.
They also help me with how to turn fraction into decimals. That’s why I love 82nd Street”
Maryan, Grade 4

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“If my homework is too hard, I’ll ask my teachers for help. The teachers here are very nice…
I was a part of 82nd St since I was in Kindergarten. I had lots of friends in school and Summer School.”
Regina, Grade 7

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“The reason why I came to thie summer program is I wanted to learn more about America and the world out of my country,
and also to practice my English speaking clearer. And another important reason is I HAVE A LOT OF FUN HERE.”
George, Grade 7