About Us

Community Church started Pre-K classes in 1974. It was an early sign that this community of faith would touch the lives of thousands of children in Jackson Heights. In 1985, a Summer School program started for Chinese students and quickly became known as a school that helped good students stay a step ahead during the summer.

And in 1997, Afterschool Achievement Club started to help parents and students complete homework successfully.

In 2003, Community Church decided to incorporate the school separately. The new agency still has the same desire – to get students in Jackson Heights prepared early for college. 82nd Street now has multiple sites in Queens to prepare 1,000 students per year for a future career, home, and chance for happiness.

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Our Mission

To complement public education, so that students in New York City, regardless of home language, or other societal barriers, have access to quality, public higher education. We have tuition-funded programs, programs from the NYC Department of Education, and NYC Department of Youth and Community Development.

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82nd Street Academics Values

  • Mission-Driven Staff – Students need role models who overcame a societal barrier
  • Delight Students – Delighted Hearts lead to Smart Heads
  • Empower students – We don’t rescue students from challenge, we equip and empower
  • Lifetime Learning – No one is smart enough for next year without learning
  • Effective Teams – We believe in starring teams instead of stars
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Our Ends Policies

  • Students build emotional health, confidence and personal responsibility.
  • Students in school age programs build study skills so that autonomous academic development is possible in high school and university.
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Ronald Dale Tompkins, Ph.D., Executive Director

Dr. Ron’s work is chief keeper of the flame. He works on plans to develop 82nd Street Academics and make it better, especially homework tutoring. He meets with local school and community leaders so that 82nd Street is part of the larger good story of New York City. His chief joy is parent events such as Legacy Honors Night and its always a delight to be recognized and welcomed by students.

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Looking to the Future

SAT Preparation Program; Programs for College Preparation for all grades, PreK to 12th grade; New Campus at Renaissance Charter School 2 with homework tutoring.

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“82nd Street helps me with my grammar and with my multiplication and division.
They also help me with how to turn fraction into decimals. That’s why I love 82nd Street”
Maryan, Grade 4

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“If my homework is too hard, I’ll ask my teachers for help. The teachers here are very nice…
I was a part of 82nd St since I was in Kindergarten. I had lots of friends in school and Summer School.”
Regina, Grade 7

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“The reason why I came to thie summer program is I wanted to learn more about America and the world out of my country,
and also to practice my English speaking clearer. And another important reason is I HAVE A LOT OF FUN HERE.”
George, Grade 7

More Information About 82nd Street Academics!

82nd Street Academics commits to the principle of equal opportunity in education and employment. Consistent with Federal & State laws, 82nd Street Academics does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, disability, or gender. Admission is on first-come-first-served basis only.