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Are you concerned about an Inclusive Diverse Preschool for your child?

Are you anxious about choosing a secure and clean Early Childhood Development Center?

And parents choose 82nd Street Academics when they have family members far away and want to share the activities on the Room camera.

Our Promises for an Inclusive Diverse Preschool

Delighted Children

We believe that learning starts in the heart. If children enjoy and want to be with us, then the learning and development will flower. We promise child delight.

That begins with a great welcome into a colorful classroom.  There are familiar rituals since young children use repeatedly activities to tell time and know when they will see Mom or Dad again. 

There are daily times at centers, playground, and meal times where children make friends, catchup on the news, and play games together. 

Family Partnership

We believe that parent engagement is key to child development. We promise optional activities that create family memories. (family yoga day, scavenger hunts, family paint day, and show and tell)

We also celebrate the Inclusive Diverse Preschool with monthly celebrations. 

Exploring Learning Mysteries

We believe each child is unique. We use different instructional methods so that the curiosity of every child is engaged. 

Curiosity is key to learning. In fact, studies show that, when we’re curious about a subject, we are much more likely to remember information we learned about that subject

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Inclusive Diverse Preschool

Parent Review Inclusive Diverse Preschool

“Our daughter and nephew both attend 82nd Street Academics. Our family is impressed with the special care that is offered to our children. My first concern was that my daughter is a very picky eater. I am always able to email her teacher, Ms. Cindy, with any doubts and concerns and she always writes back with reassuring answers and helpful ideas. She also shares information and summarizes what they taught in class. My husband and I appreciate this very much. One day our daughter came home and talked so much about Ms. Kia and Mr. Esteban helping her with lots of things like putting on her jacket and shoes and refilling her water bottle. That’s when I knew our child was in good hands. Our daughter’s learning experience at 82nd Street Academics is fun and she is highly motivated. This school has a genuinely caring team that both students and parents can enjoy. Thank you.” – The Cuyugan Family, UPK

Required Documents for Registration:
Student Medical Form
Income Eligibility Form