Donation – Most people who come to this page are on a pilgrimage of gratitude, restitution, or both. 


You may be an alumnus who reflects on their life and blessings. I think of a young alumnus who is now an airline captain and two others who are doctors. Some of us accomplished the dream and made our parents proud. We are here to say ‘thank you’ to those who teach and build the path for others.

Students after school


You may also be on a journey of restitution. You know of past actions that you wish you had done differently or not at all. Giving is a way for us to pivot from the past and make new choices for the future.  Searching for something fine in which to invest is an honorable way to change the future for good. 



What does your gift provide?

A gift of $30 provides four hours of AfterSchool homework help, fun on the playground, and a hot meal to a child. $125 provides 6.5 hours of PreSchool. $10,000 finances a class of 20 students in Afterschool for a month. Your gift is leveraged by our sliding scale scholarships which range from 10%-90% of the tuition. 

We can’t offer a regular newsletter because we don’t have a Development Department. You will receive a sincere thank you note. Additionally, you are invited to visit the school, attend Legacy Night in May, and the Executive Director would like to call you. Please email if that is appropriate and we will set up a time. 

And we hope you also receive the joy of giving, or the peace of restitution, and the blessings of the future with your gift!


Your donation and generosity give opportunities to students who face societal barriers. They get the chance for a great future that all youth deserve! Thank you for your investment in the 1,000 students of 82nd Street Academics