Paid Internship and Careers

paid internship

Paid Internship? Join a vibrant education and youth development group of staff at 82nd Street Academics. 

82nd Street Academics has six programs at five locations in Northwest Queens. We are located at Hunter’s Point Community Middle School, PS 280, Renaissance Charter Schools in Jackson Heights and Elmhurst, and a site at 81-10 35th Avenue in Jackson Heights. Approximately 800 students one of these programs every year. 

What are Staff Qualifications?

EXPERIENCE – We want staff who have experienced a societal barrier. Many of our students need role models. We prefer staff who are bi-lingual — most of the communities that we serve are bi-lingual. We want staff who are working on a degree themselves.

CORE VALUES  – We want staff who support Mission-Driven Effective Teams. Teams will Delight and Empower students. Students will get ready for college with a desire for Lifetime Learning.

100 of our staff positions are part-time Lead and Assistant Coaches in Afterschool programs. If your college or university requires a practicum or paid internship, meaningful work at 82nd Street Academics may be the answer. We give professional development in the ‘5 Forces’ of 82nd Street – 

  • Devereux Student Strengths Assessment (DESSA)
  • Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS)
  • Paulo Freire’s youth empowerment pedagogy
  • Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences for Learning and
  • Essential Study skills

There are also about 30 full-time jobs in Early Childhood teaching and other positions needed to lead the agency and support the teams in their important work with students (Age 2 – 10th grade).

View the employment opportunities below. Please note that we do not accept any walk-ins or phone calls regarding employment opportunities, all inquiries must be in direct reply to an online posting.

82nd Street Academics is committed to equal opportunity in education and employment.  Consistent with Federal & State laws, 82nd Street Academics does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, disability, or gender.