What Makes 82nd Street Academics Special

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82nd Street Academics is a premier learning center in Jackson Heights in Queens. Parents enroll their children here for student development that makes every moment count. 82nd Street Academics grew out of the ministry of Community Church of Jackson Heights. They watched their children of many home languages struggle in school and harnessed resources and expertise to make a difference.

Learn more about what makes our educational programs at 82nd Street Academics so unique.

Jackson Heights is a mix of many cultures, family structures and economic backgrounds. Our students appreciate our diverse community and they experience that diversity not just as tolerance but joy.

Our programs have a mixture of ages and cultures and our staff speaks a total fo 18 different languages. The goal of all of our programs is to help students take early steps to college.

82nd Street Academics offers a series of link programs that bridge each child’s path to college. All of our programs emphasize social and emotional intelligence. We want our students to leave school every day hearing they are a special act of creation.

We incorporate confidence building and personal responsibility inot the curriculum with activities as simple as family-style meals and discussing emotions. Research shows that children who understand and accept their own emotions and their peers are better equipped for success.

Through word of mouth from parents, teachers, and the children themselves, the school programs quickly became known for excellence , homework help, and social emotional skills. 82nd Street Academics is a non-profit educational institution providing academic services to children aged 2-17 in Jackson Heights, Queens.


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