Understanding the Whole Child Approach

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The whole child approach is crucial for positive early childhood education and development. With this approach, teachers design the learning experience specifically to support each student’s physical development, and social and emotional intelligence. The whole child approach also promotes each student’s cognitive development, mathematical understanding, language acquisition, and literacy development. Preschool programs and other child care programs that utilize the whole child approach ensure that every child is engaged and challenged, while feeling safe and supported.

Increasingly, more educational programs are adapting to the whole child approach because educators recognize that it helps lay a foundation for lifelong success. To implement a whole child approach, early childhood educators use adaptive lesson plans that integrate multiple curricular areas while allowing for personalized educational experiences.

At 82nd Street Academics , our educators believe the whole child approach gives our students the best head start in life. Call us today at (718) 457-0429 to find out about enrollment in our after school programs or preschool programs in NYC.


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