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Can your child stay on the road to a good high school? Standardized tests are the green light – or stop sign that New York City uses.

We live in a world where all things are tested and measured. Some children are speeding until they hit the State tests.  Other children are already low on gas.  Is your child new to standardized test taking or suffers from test anxiety? Test-taking can be a accident waiting to happen where your child’s standardized test results may not reflect their true academic ability.

82nd Street Academics understands your needs. We have worked with 12,000 students – many of them needed a little extra power to find the road to success. We will provide your child with the academic knowledge to pass these exams. Even better, we provide test-taking and time management techniques that can help them get the green light.

Program Description

At 82nd Street Academics, our Test Prep Program offers group tutoring for state standardized exams in Math and English Language Arts to grades 3, 4, and 5. Our program’s goal is to provide both the academic assistance and test-taking techniques to alleviate test-taking anxiety and ensure optimal performance on these standardized tests.

Our program is developed with advice from local educators. If you wish, you can ask your child’s teacher to send us an email of areas where most development is needed. We will also have a parent teacher conference at the middle point of the class so that your child knows how much effort they will likely need for a high grade on Test Day.

Program Dates:

Our Test Prep Program runs for 3 months beginning in January. Students can take one to four classes a week for Math and/or ELA session. The instructor will implement a curriculum that is based on the New York State Learning and Common Core standards of the Department of Education, which offers state-specific standardized testing materials.

The instructor will utilize workbooks, past exams, and original lesson plans each week to help students better prepare for the exams. Homework will be given as a part of the program. A workbook, specifically geared for common core learning, will be used to help aid lessons in the classroom. Depending on the student’s need, additional pages from the workbook can be used for additional practice at home.

Registrations must be filled out completely and submitted to our front desk staff at 8110 35th Ave. Jackson Heights. If you need help completing the form or have any questions please call 718-457-0429.

Study Skills and Test-Taking Strategies

Our test prep instructor will provide students with 15 minute mini-lessons on study tips and test taking strategies each week. They will also provide the students with assistance on how to properly show work, following and reading directions, decoding questions, writing prompts, reading logs, bi-monthly assessments, and monthly study review sessions to ensure progress.



Parent Resources

Common Core Assessment FAQ
Grades 3-8 Program Questions and Answers
Common Core Curriculum

Parent Talking Points
Understanding the ELA Report
Understand the Math Report

  • Classes are available for Math and ELA. Classes are taught by an experienced and educated test prep instructor who is aided by an assistant. Student to teacher ratio is 6:1 maximum.



    Week 1: Assessment #1

    Week 2: ELA – reading comprehension. MATH – addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and mathematical symbols.

    Week 3: ELA – grammar, punctuation, spelling, vocabulary expansion. MATH – word problems, rounding, and approximation.

    Week 4: ELA – parts of a story, literary elements, and compare and contrast types of literature. MATH – counting coins, time, units of measurement, and number values.

    Week 5: Monthly review.

    Week 6: ELA – opinion-based articles and writing. MATH – how to use a calculator, compass, ruler, and protractor, area, perimeter, and volume.

    Week 7: ELA – inferring, drawing conclusions, making analyses, and Venn diagrams. MATH – fractions, decimals, and percentages.

    Week 8: ELA – developing a cohesive argument/essay, sentence structure, and story time lines. MATH – graphs, charts, and tables.

    Week 9: Monthly review.

    Week 10: Assesment #2

    Week 11: ELA – opinion-based articles and opinion-based writing. MATH – shapes, congruency, symmetry, angles, and degrees.

    Week 12: ELA – developing a cohesive argument/essay, sentence structure, and story time lines. MATH – word problems, number lines and sentences.


  • Group classes may register up to 12 students.

    Please call us for complete schedule and availability, 718-457-0429.


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