Give Your Student a Jump Start in Summer School

Summer School at 82nd Street Academics gets students to the head of the class in September. Educational programs during the summer months provide students with the opportunity for in-depth, specialized learning. We mix in enough fun to keep motivation high as well as couple of trips. The real emphasis is language, literacy, and math that supercharges student preparation. We monitor student development with tests every Friday, homework every night, and two parent teacher sessions.

Additionally, summer school is a safe place for kids to be while their parents are at work or otherwise engaged.

Enhanced Grade Preparedness
You might think that students begin learning new facts and concepts as soon as they return to school in the fall. Unfortunately, this usually isn’t the case. Students spend much of the fall just trying to relearn what they have forgotten over the summer. Summer school keeps kids cognitively engaged and prevents them from forgetting the lessons of the previous school year. The result is that students enter school in the fall ready to jump right into new material.

Positive Educational Approach
Another reason why summer school will help your child succeed is that it nurtures a positive attitude toward learning. During summer school, your child will explore theme-based curriculum, hands-on learning activities, and educational field trips. This approach to education is engaging for students. It enables students to perceive learning as an incredible adventure, rather than a necessary chore.

82nd Street Academics provides a variety of educational programs for children, including after school programs, test prep, and summer school near NYC. Our summer school curriculum is designed to stimulate students’ curiosity, prevent learning loss, and give students the boost they need to be at the head of the class in the fall. Parents throughout NYC can contact us at (718) 457-0429 or view our programs online.