Summer Academics K-8

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Our Distinctive Approach

Thank you for your interest in Summer School at 82nd Street Academics!  Do you want your child at the head of the class in September? Are you worried about summer programs that bore children instead of using their curiosity to give them energy for study? Do you think kids should have summer fun mixed with learning? Summer School at 82nd Street Academics is the best option if you answered yes!

We hope information below will help your family make an informed choice about the best options for your child’s summer experience. There are many options for Summer Programs. We are the best choice for families who want their child to get to the head of the class, want their child to develop a love for learning, and want their child to have some summer fun.

  • Most students start the Fall school term trying to remember what happened in the year before. Some studies show that new learning starts for most students in November, just before Thanksgiving. Our Academic morning program prepares students for the next grade and keeps their skills sharp. Our students start the Fall at the head of the class while others are struggling to get started.
  • Students learn best when they want to learn. Our summer theme, field trips to support the theme and afternoon projects to support the theme, stimulate child curiosity. Students volunteer to put in the work to get the afternoon projects done.
  • We also mix in spirit rallies and fun customs and plenty of physical exercise on the two playgrounds. The laughter, running, and games improves energy for study and recharges energy after a tough project. Students find the combination irresistible.

Summer Academics Gold at 82nd Street Academics – Motivated Learning

We keep students academically sharp over the summer. They will return to school in September at the head of the class!

  • The New York State Common Core Learning Standards are the basis of Summer School.
  • Most area schools have a staff student ratio of 1:25. We leverage your student’s learning ability with a staff student ratio of 1:10.
  • There is daily homework and weekly diagnostic tests that create a learning portfolio
  • There are monthly progress reports.

The Summer School program is 8 weeks long, from July 1st, 2019 – August 23rd, 2019. Half day and full day schedules are available. Please call our Family Services Specialists for more information at (718) 457-0429 x200/201. Come join 82nd Street Academics for a summer of learning and fun. If you’re interested in continuing this academic and social support throughout the school year, please read about our After School programs.


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Our Location: Community Church (located at 81-10 35th Avenue in Jackson Heights). Your child will enjoy a beautiful facility with individual classrooms for each grade, laptop access for all students, and an outdoor play area. The location your child is assigned to will be based on the schedule you choose.

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Do you also have a child between the ages of 2.5-4 years old? Signup for our summer preschool and UPK bound program “Summer Splash” here!

Required Documents:
Student Medical Form
Income Eligibility Form

    Monday thru Friday
    9:00am – 12:00pm

    The goal of the morning session at 82nd Street Academics is for students to be successful in the upcoming school year through challenging academic activities that will propel them to the head of the class!

    • Children work with trained group leaders to practice math and language arts.
    • Lesson plans are based on the Common Core Learning Standards.
    • We give homework every day so students can practice their newly-learned skills. Monthly progress reports keep you up to date with your child’s development.
    • Laptops are used several times a week to enhance each student’s learning experience through technological interactivity.
    • For parents, group leaders are available throughout the summer to discuss your child’s learning.
    • Students participate in inter-class academic competitions, based on the summer theme.
    • Students will be taking trips and special visitors will be featured on-site to complement learning. The program ends with a special ceremony starring your children!


    Monday thru Friday
    1:00pm – 4:00pm

    Afternoons, students follow curiosity to reinforce their understanding of the Common Core Learning Standards.

    • Fun Projects
    • The lessons utilize the concepts from morning classes
    • Reading, writing, logic and critical thinking skills are incorporated throughout classes in Drama, “Math 4 Life” lab, Health and Physical Education, Science, and The Arts


    Are you working extra hours this summer? 82nd Street Academics offers you the option to drop off your child as early as 8:00am and pick up your child at 6:30pm with the Full Day Summer Experience Program which includes both the Academic Achievement Classes and “Learning In Action” Lab. During this time, children may work on homework from their morning classes, use the outdoor play area, or participate in fun art projects! Early drop-off is also available for Academic Achievement and Summer Connection students as capacity allows.

    EARLY BIRD 8am – 9am, or HAPPY HOUR (K-8), 6:30PM-7PM

    • Drop off your child as early as 7:30am
    • Pick up your child as late as 7:00pm.

    During this time, children may work on homework from their morning classes, use the outdoor play area, or participate in fun art projects!

    • Medical dated between September 1st, 2018 and June 30, 2019
    • CACFP Income Verification form dated after September 1, 2017
    • You will receive a letter in the mail in June noting any documents that we are missing and welcoming you to the program!
    • Submit all documents by July 2nd and receive a free 82nd Street Academics drawstring bag
    • Receive a free 82nd Street T-shirt at registration