Summer Scientists
Summer Scientists
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Our Distinctive Approach

At 82nd Street Academics, we want to delighted children into learning, to facilitate learning mysteries, and to create family moments that bring your child’s world of home and preschool together.

Brand Promise: we promise content in each of the 7 learning domains if you join us for the full 8-week program. Science is the doorway to engaging community experiences!

Summer is a great time for families to work on the transition challenge because of the fun and engaging atmosphere at 82nd Street Academics. Our Summer Preschool experience offers children a happy start to preschool through science activities!

This transition phase can be difficult for both parents and children. Parents may experience loss as their child steps forward into a greater degree of independence. Children may experience a wide range of emotions based on their personality and previous home experiences. Some of these emotions may include:

  • Confusion by the change into a larger environment.
  • Anticipation of the newfound opportunity to explore and master new tasks and toys
  • Irritation at the need for conformity with classroom rules and schedules
  • Embarrassment at their lack of knowledge about a new situation
  • Impatience due to a strong desire to show abilities to adults and classmates

The National Early Childhood Transition Center reports that transition consequences for a young child can be traced until the 3rd grade. Unsuccessful transitions can result in lower verbal and literacy skills in particular. A child who transitions successfully (to awareness of others, awareness of self, and confidence) can relax and accept the developmental and conceptual program.

82nd Street Academics emphasizes the importance of transition with its research-based  transition curriculum

  • Child’s perspective – teachers ask children what emotions they are feeling, and help them chart emotions during the first couple of weeks of preschool. It is critical that the teacher understands how each child is approaching the preschool experience.
  • Play immersion – an engaging fun transition experience occurs at the beginning of the Summer Scientists’ day. The transition activity creates a base emotion of fun and laughter. While your child will experience other emotions as the session goes on, we understand how vital it is that the class begins with emotions of happiness or success.
  • Classroom friendships – at the beginning of our program, all children participate in activities that promote friendship building. If you have to face the challenge of learning about classroom systems, and rules and routines, the experience is much more enjoyable if you have a friend at your side.
  • Classroom rules and rituals – some children are eager to comply, others become frustrated by vague new customs and behaviors they should follow in the class. Rules on hitting, sharing, using learning centers, and helping are discussed and repeated so that children feel included. Rituals and routines are established early on to further promote a sense of autonomy. 
  • Parent communication – frequent emails and check-ins with parents help so parents are able to reinforce and validate the classroom experience. Teachers are aware of what is developmentally “typical” for a 2/4-year-old socially, emotionally, intellectually…. and if a child’s behavior is above, at, or lagging the average.

Summer Scientists’ transition activities recreate the learning experience from the child’s perspective instead of the teacher’s perspective. This will become a critical template that your child uses to transition to Kindergarten and beyond.

Program Description

Thank you for your interest in our Summer Preschool 2023!  Classes will be held for 8 weeks, from July 5th to August 30th. Students will explore and develop with the theme “Summer Scientists”.    Join us for a summer of learning and fun! If you’re interested in preschool or UPK -programs for the 2023-2024 school year, please click- on the corresponding links for more information.

Check out our Kindergarten summer program here!


For more information, click here to contact us

INTRODUCING: YOU! (2-3 Year Old) FULL DAY 8:30 AM – 3:30PM/HALF DAY 8:30 AM – 11:30 AM.

Students are exposed to the routines of group life and socialize with children their own age in a fun and structured learning environment. The program offers a gentle and playful introduction to preschool life. Children enjoy exploring and learning with new friends. Daily activities include circle time, read-alouds, music and movement, small group play, and arts and crafts. Children develop language, cognitive and social-emotional skills, and play together. Minimum commitment is 2 weeks with discount for total package.

UPK BOUND! (4 or about to be) FULL DAY 8:30 AM – 3:30PM/HALF DAY 8:30 AM – 11:30 AM.

TheUPK Bound!” class introduces students to essential learning domains of UPK and encourages students to gain more independence and self-reliance as they transition into Pre-Kindergarten. The program is designed for students who will attend the 4 year old Universal Pre-K program in September 2023. The curriculum of this class complements the concepts that children will learn in the fall and includes early literacy activities, science, social studies, math, art and music and movement, social emotional skills. Our teachers use learning themes that excite the children’s interest and natural curiosity about the world around them. AM, PM, or BOTH sessions. Minimum commitment is 2 weeks with discount for total package.