Free Parent Resources

These free parent resources — links, articles, and forms explain or support the Five Forces unique combination of techniques that 82nd Street Academics staff use in programs.

Free Parent Resources


Indicators of Teacher Quality Practices – Early Childhood (CLASS)
The University of Virginia created a training and certification program for teachers. Our teachers are CLASS certified for high quality use of classroom time and relationships

60 Indicators of Early Childhood Development Age 3 (WORK SAMPLING)
Work Sampling is a portfolio-based assessment system for children. We collect evidence of 60 indicators as the year goes on. Children are assessed as 1. Proficient, 2. In Process, 3. Not Yet Started. Parents get reports and we create partnerships between classroom and family.

Work Sampling DOE Introduction (WORK SAMPLING)

Department of Education – Practical Approach to Early Childhood Authentic Assessment (WORK SAMPLING)

Dealing with Strong Emotions in Young Children

Multiple Intelligences
Students learn through multiple intelligences and 82nd Street uses these to engage children

Help your child control anger


Indicators of Teacher Quality Practices – Elementary (CLASS)

School Success Behaviors K-8 (DESSA)
DESSA is a system of 8 indicators that correlate strongly with school success. We create baselines in November and secondary and tertiary assessments in February and May. Parents are invited to Parent Teacher sessions to review the material and share information.

Evidence Based Teaching Strategies (CLASS)


Indicators of Teacher Quality Practices – Middle School (CLASS)

School Success Behaviors K-8 (DESSA)


NYT Article – Literacy Builds Life Skills

Questions to Get Kids Talking About Books

Parenting Resources
A general collection of topics by another non profit

Family Personality Profiles
A fun way to explore the different personalities in your family and what it means for child and youth development. This version has a price but there are free versions online also.


We developed some of the free parent resources above as a result of working with thousands of students over the years. Others are resources from the Department of Education and the Department of Youth and Community Development. Their program department staff are experts that we have come to know and truly value their insights. If after exploring these tools, you see how the 82nd Street Academics approach is uniquely valuable for your student, contact us. It’s what we do!