Parent – School FAQs

School FAQs = We answer common questions on safety, organization and registration options here. Contact us if your question is not on the list!

Our protocols comply with the NYC Department of Education, Department of Health, and Centers for Disease Control & Prevention to reduce the risk of illness. These questions refer to the Main Site at 8110 35th Avenue. Many of the answers also apply to a public school where 82nd Street Academics is in charge of the after-school program.

All staff, students, and families must stay home when not feeling well. In our lives, there are moments when we may ignore warning signs such as a cough or mild fever. Consequently, we take extra precautions now to pay attention to these symptoms. Stay-at-home decisions keep our whole building safer.

  • What are the protocols for cleaning our school?

We deep-clean the building each evening using disinfectant and electrostatic spray technology. This ensures full coverage of all surfaces with disinfectant.  We removed harder to clean items such as dress-up clothes and carpets. We reduced extra furniture in the classroom to reduce the number of high-touch surfaces.

  • Are there changes to our ventilation?

We have set up HEPA filters in each classroom. This filters out particles and refreshes the air in the room multiple times per hour. We have an HVAC system to pull in new air to the building that supports circulation in the hallways and bathrooms. We have installed exhaust fans in the bathrooms to support extra circulation in these high-traffic areas.

  • How are bathrooms kept clean?

Our bathrooms are for student and staff use only, we no longer have bathrooms available for public/parent use. 

Each bathroom now has an exhaust fan installed to increase the circulation of fresh air. 

  • What about visitors? 

Room and building tours are by appointment only. Please call the Front Desk at 718 457 0429.

  • How do you protect the physical safety of students?

We lock building hallways as the program begins. All exterior doors in the program area have loud alarms to let us know if anyone tries to leave or enter the program area. 

  • Are there fire drills?

There are monthly fire drills and we announce them in advance during cold months. When students return to the building, a 2nd siren will sound to announce an Intruder drill. 


  • What are the requirements for masks in school?

Masks are now optional. Conditions may change and we will keep families informed. 

  • What happens if a child is sick while at school?

If a child is sick while at school, a staff member will take them to an isolated area. We will call you or emergency contacts and ask you to pick them up.  

  • What happens if a staff member is sick while at school?

If a staff member feels sick, we will ask them to leave the building. Depending on their symptoms, they may be asked to quarantine, be tested for COVID, or visit their primary doctor.

  • What are the class sizes?

Group sizes meet in 10- 20 students depending on the program and age group. Ratios change as mandated by the Department of Health.

The ratio for Early Childhood is 1 adult per 8 children for 3 years old and 1 adult for 9 children in UPK. For students in grades K-3, the ratio is 1 adult for 10 children. For students in grades 4-5, the ratio is 1 adult for 12 students. Students in grades 6-8 have a ratio of 1 adult for 15 students.

  • What is the policy for testing?

All 82SA staff use a Rapid Test for the Coronavirus prior to returning to work for the new school year. Following the recommended guidelines, testing is then done on a case by case basis if cold or flu like symptoms arise.

  • What is the routine for handwashing?

 Students wash their hands after restroom use, before/after eating, before/after playground use, and before dismissal. 

  • How do you dismiss children at the end of the program?

Always carry ID in case the staff member does not recognize you as the care-giver.  If you will not be able to pick-up your child, let us know immediately and tell the person that you designate to bring ID to pick up your child. We keep a list of all permitted care-givers at the Front Desk. 

  • What special situations has the school faced with families?

If there is a custody problem, the director and Front Desk need to know. Immediately bring documentation from a court if a parent is restricted from picking up a child. 

We do not allow ‘gifts’ of food to be dropped off without the knowledge and consent of parents. 

  • What are the Drop-off policies?

Bring all Early Childhood program students to the classroom to be dropped off. We pick up students for After School at PS 69, PS 212, PS 222, PS 149 and TRCS and there is an extra charge. We bring students into the building who are dropped off in front of the building on 35th Avenue or at the 82nd Street and 35th Avenue bus stop. There is an extra charge if staff are required to wait for the bus. 

  • What are staff policies on vaccinations?

All staff are required to have vaccinations and booster shots for COVID

  • Are there policies on student medication?

82nd Street staff are not licensed to administer medication other than an EpiPen by a trained staff member. Please talk with us about particular student needs.

  • What are the hours of the 81-10 35th Avenue after-school program?

All after-school programs begin at 2:30 pm. We offer services until 6:30 pm daily and Happy Hour until 7 pm at extra cost. Class limits are 20 students per group with 2 adults. Please contact our front desk for registration details!

  • What are the hours of the early childhood programs?

Early Childhood Full Day programs begin at 8am and end at 2:20pm. Students transfer to Extended Day and there is a $12 per 30-minute charge for this service.

  • How do you select Teachers, Assistants, and Coach training and backgrounds?

Teachers and Assistants for Early Childhood are exceptional in curriculum design. Click here to see their bios – it’s a unique and powerful team. They receive additional  CLASS training (Classroom Leadership Assessment Scoring System) to 10x every minute for your child. 

Coaches for the After School programs must have 30 college credits and be in process for the B.A. Their Program Manager schedules CLASS training and training in the Devereux Student Strengths Assessment (DESSA)

All staff must have experienced a societal barrier since we want role models for students. Also, we prefer staff who speak two languages for easier communication with our diverse families. We also commit to empowerment and celebration of inclusive diversity.  


  • When will the school be open for me to drop off paperwork?

 We are open Monday – Friday from 8am-6:30pm. Our phone number is (718) 457-0429.

  • What about meal times and food service?

The school serves students individually portioned meals or snacks. Additionally, we do not serve nuts, pork, or beef or allow those to be sent to school with students. 

  • Are students able to attend part-time?

NYC-funded programs require students to attend when programs are open. So there is no part-time option.  

Students in After-School fee-based programs can attend 5 days, 4 days, 3 days or 2 days. Call the Front Desk for details. Since the After School Achievement Club is for academic and social development, we do not encourage part-time attendance. Generally, If you simply need daycare, we may not be your best option. 

Students in the Early Childhood (2-3 years old) fee-based program can choose to attend Full Day or Half Day. Additionally, 3-Year-Old children can choose to attend 2, 3, or 5 days per week.