AfterSchool PS280

Welcome to the 130 student Afterschool program at PS 280q in Queens, New York City! This program is free to students with funding from the New York City Department of Youth and Community Development. It starts as soon as the school day is over.

What do students do in the Afterschool PS280 program? There is time for homework, arts and crafts projects, time in the gym or playground, and a hot meal. The program operates year round with a 7-week program in the summer and the Afterschool PS280 program during the year. Ms. Kristalyn Duran is the Program Director.

82nd Street Academics wants your child to be well prepared for the next grade and the transitions to Middle School and High School. Finally, we want your student to qualify for entrance to a quality public university. While there are various routes to a successful future, education and learning have been key for our staff team. We want to give your student that same love for learning and determination to overcome societal barriers.

Core Values – Our Core Values include Empower Students, Lifetime Learning, and Delight Students. We view your child as a person of respect who has the capacity to achieve academic success and good future choices. We are not filling an empty cup or rescuing victims. Our role is to give your student the tools to succeed and delight them to love learning for their lifetime.

In addition to excellent trainings offered by the NYC DYCD, 82nd Street Academics has developed its own 5 Forces. We have borrowed and combined educational tools to offer unique value to your student. We use the Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS), Devereux Student Strengths Assessment (DESSA), Freire’s Empowerment Tools, Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Tools, and our own Study Skills.

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