Helping Your Child Succeed in Kindergarten

KindergartenKindergarten is a crucial year in early childhood education. Students at this age are hard at work learning the basics of mathematics, recognizing sight words, and writing the alphabet.

Parents can help students succeed in kindergarten, such as enrolling them in kindergarten programs after school. The staff to student ratio at public schools is 1 adult per 25 children. 82 nd Street provides a more individual attention for homework help and leadership skill building with 1 adult for 10 children.

Read Together Every Day
A lifelong love of reading is the doorway to incredible academic achievements. You can encourage your child to become a lifelong reader by setting aside time each day to read together. Let your child choose the book, even if he or she chooses the same book multiple times. Young children need repetition to truly grasp language.

Help Your Child Practice Writing
In kindergarten, children learn to write uppercase and lowercase letters, basic sight words, and their own names. Encourage your child to practice writing by having him or her create a homemade picture book. He or she can draw a series of pictures. With your help, your child can then accompany each picture with descriptive phrases and short sentences.

Encourage the Development of Math Skills
At this age, children aren’t yet ready for abstract concepts. Kindergarteners need to see visual representations of mathematic ideas. Help your child grasp basic math skills by creating learning opportunities out of real-life events. Head to the kitchen and have your child count the number of slices you can create with an apple. Ask your child to point out triangles, circles, and other shapes he or she sees around the home. Your child can learn comparing and contrasting skills by collecting pinecones or small rocks in the park and placing them in order from largest to smallest.

Students in kindergarten through fifth grade can join the After School Achievement Club at 82 nd Street Academics . Our after school program near NYC guides students in developing healthy study skills, social skills, and a positive attitude toward learning. Get started with the enrollment process today by calling (718) 457-0429. Or, visit us online for more information about our after school programs, kindergarten programs, and test prep.

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