After School Gold

  • Are you worried about your child’s missing academic year?

  • Concerned that they have a safe space after school until you are home?

  • Anxious about their difficult homework?

Those are typical concerns from parents who use 82nd Street Academics. We want kids to develop their academics with enough fun to have a great afternoon


Academic Development

The sad truth is that New York City generally has excellent teachers and principals but twice as many students as they can handle. With student:teacher ratios ranging from 25:1 – 40:1, public schools labor to do too much with too little. Meanwhile, homework continues to increase as teachers labor to prepare students for NYS exams. Parents end up with a dilemma.

OUR GOAL – to prepare your student for entrance into one of the 10 best middle schools closest to your home.

We Promise an A in Homework – 82nd Street Academics has the best track record with homework completion and correction for the past 15 years. After a short time to gather and meet friends, we tackle homework together –  10:1  students to teacher, we have the extra time to answer questions and check homework. Our homework promise is for students who attend for 5 days a week and leave at 6PM or later.

7 Social Emotional Skills for High School Success – Our success continues with 7 Social Emotional skills that we work with students to develop :

Personal Responsibility

Optimistic Thinking

Goal Directed Behavior

Social Awareness

Self Awareness

Self Management

Decision Making

Studies show that these 7 skills will prepare students to enter high school with confidence, skills, and determination to finish projects and homework without parent pressure.

We add hot meals and plenty of ways to keep students motivated as well! Your child deserves the best Academic Development for After School and its After School Achievement Club at 82nd Street Academics. Come in today for a tour. Call 718 457 0429!

Seats are limited, please contact us for availability at 718-457-0429. We accept HRA and ACD vouchers.

Required Form: Student Medical Form (NYC Immunization Requirements)

Full Time Enrollment:

Students enrolled full-time attend the program every day for a flat annual tuition contract. Payment is required for the full academic year. The tuition can be financed with a monthly payment plan for 10 months.

3 day and 2 day options:

These options help families where the students are enrolled in other After School activities during the week. Registration contracts can be upgraded without penalty.

Additional Options:

Happy Hour – Extended Pick-Up until 7p.m.
Half Day Drop In

Parent/ Staff Communication

The Lead Teacher in the classroom will give you a weekly update on your child’s progress in the areas of social and academic skills. You will also receive a weekly e-mail from your child’s teacher about activities and events in the program.

We will take special care to address your child’s academic needs if you inform us of areas in need of improvement. Regular communication with your child’s teacher is necessary for success.

Homework Help – Students’ first activity for the day is to complete their homework. It is checked by trained group leaders for neatness and correct answers. Our goal is to ensure that students understand the material that they are completing and develop study habits that they will use throughout their academic career.

Motivated Academics (Drama, Dance and Music) – Enrichment activities help students engage their creative thinking skills and interact with their classmates in new ways.

Teacher Led Activities – Teachers plan activities that incorporate the Common Core Learning Standards to build their skills in self-expression and knowledge of arts and crafts, science, community building, and health/safety.

Literacy Activities – On a daily basis, each student participates in an age-appropriate literacy activity. Some classes include group reading of a chapter book or a class book followed by discussion and reflection.

Outdoor Recreation – Students always look forward to time on our private playground!