Tips for Motivating Your Young Student

parentingYoung students thrive in a structured academic environment that supports the development of the whole child. One effective way to motivate your young student is to enroll him or her in kindergarten programs or other early childhood education programs that complement what he or she learns in the public school system. It’s also essential to encourage educational experiences outside the classroom.

Support Your Child’s Interests
Children tend to learn best when they are interested and engaged in the subject matter. Encourage your child to pursue his or her academic interests outside of school. Bring your child to the library and find non-fiction and fiction books on his or her favorite topics. Ask open-ended questions about his or her hobbies and interests. These types of questions give your child practice with expressive language skills and provide positive reinforcement for his or her academic efforts.

Encourage Your Child to Take Ownership of Education
As your student grows older, he or she will display increasing independence. Help your child stay engaged in learning by giving him or her control over his or her own education, within limits. Encourage your child to select after-school activities and choose his or her own library books. Provide your child with the tools he or she needs to keep schoolwork organized, such as a day planner and large binder.

Be a Positive Role Model for Young Learners
Children mimic the actions of their parents. Let your child see that learning is an exciting, lifelong endeavor. Every day, ask your child what he or she is learning in school. Then, share your own learning experiences. Let your child know how a reference librarian helped you find information on urban gardening, for example. Set aside time each day to read together and let your child see you choose books instead of the TV.

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