How to Find the Right Preschool


Early childhood education programs, such as preschool or pre-k classes, give your child a valuable opportunity to learn skills that will help him excel in a kindergarten program. Your child will learn letters, shapes, and numbers, and will participate in numerous fun and educational activities such as arts and crafts.

Every child has different needs and preferences, which is why it’s important for you, as a parent, to find the right pre-school for your child. Watch this video to hear early childhood education experts discuss what to look for in a quality pre-school program, and what questions to ask the staff so that your child will feel comfortable and eager to learn.

The best early childhood education program in NYC is at 82nd Street Academics. Our program encourages gross motor and games, literacy and stories, drama and art, and family style great food! We offer a challenging prep school curriculum to children of all cultures and backgrounds, taught by highly qualified teachers with experience dealing with learning difficulties and language barriers. Call us today at (718) 489-3937 for more information.

Keeping Your Kids Healthy at School

Early childhood education is essential for all children. Yet, children who go to pre-k are more likely to develop colds than those who stay home. This is simply due to the increased exposure to germs. You can support your children’s well-being by teaching them how to wash their hands properly. Tell your children when it is necessary to wash their hands, such as after playing outdoors and using the bathroom, and before eating meals.

Watch this video to get some more helpful tips on keeping your children healthy throughout the school year. You’ll hear two early childhood education experts discuss food allergies and dispel myths regarding the spread of lice.

At 82nd Street Academics, your children will reach academic goals within a safe, clean environment. For more information about our test prep, after-school programs, summer school, or kindergarten programs near NYC, you can call us at (718) 457-0429.

Helping Your Child Succeed in Kindergarten

KindergartenKindergarten is a crucial year in early childhood education. Students at this age are hard at work learning the basics of mathematics, recognizing sight words, and writing the alphabet.

Parents can help students succeed in kindergarten, such as enrolling them in kindergarten programs after school. The staff to student ratio at public schools is 1 adult per 25 children. 82 nd Street provides a more individual attention for homework help and leadership skill building with 1 adult for 10 children.

Read Together Every Day
A lifelong love of reading is the doorway to incredible academic achievements. You can encourage your child to become a lifelong reader by setting aside time each day to read together. Let your child choose the book, even if he or she chooses the same book multiple times. Young children need repetition to truly grasp language.

Help Your Child Practice Writing
In kindergarten, children learn to write uppercase and lowercase letters, basic sight words, and their own names. Encourage your child to practice writing by having him or her create a homemade picture book. He or she can draw a series of pictures. With your help, your child can then accompany each picture with descriptive phrases and short sentences.

Encourage the Development of Math Skills
At this age, children aren’t yet ready for abstract concepts. Kindergarteners need to see visual representations of mathematic ideas. Help your child grasp basic math skills by creating learning opportunities out of real-life events. Head to the kitchen and have your child count the number of slices you can create with an apple. Ask your child to point out triangles, circles, and other shapes he or she sees around the home. Your child can learn comparing and contrasting skills by collecting pinecones or small rocks in the park and placing them in order from largest to smallest.

Students in kindergarten through fifth grade can join the After School Achievement Club at 82 nd Street Academics . Our after school program near NYC guides students in developing healthy study skills, social skills, and a positive attitude toward learning. Get started with the enrollment process today by calling (718) 457-0429. Or, visit us online for more information about our after school programs, kindergarten programs, and test prep.

Give Your Student a Jump Start in Summer School

Summer School at 82nd Street Academics gets students to the head of the class in September. Educational programs during the summer months provide students with the opportunity for in-depth, specialized learning. We mix in enough fun to keep motivation high as well as couple of trips. The real emphasis is language, literacy, and math that supercharges student preparation. We monitor student development with tests every Friday, homework every night, and two parent teacher sessions.

Additionally, summer school is a safe place for kids to be while their parents are at work or otherwise engaged.

Enhanced Grade Preparedness
You might think that students begin learning new facts and concepts as soon as they return to school in the fall. Unfortunately, this usually isn’t the case. Students spend much of the fall just trying to relearn what they have forgotten over the summer. Summer school keeps kids cognitively engaged and prevents them from forgetting the lessons of the previous school year. The result is that students enter school in the fall ready to jump right into new material.

Positive Educational Approach
Another reason why summer school will help your child succeed is that it nurtures a positive attitude toward learning. During summer school, your child will explore theme-based curriculum, hands-on learning activities, and educational field trips. This approach to education is engaging for students. It enables students to perceive learning as an incredible adventure, rather than a necessary chore.

82nd Street Academics provides a variety of educational programs for children, including after school programs, test prep, and summer school near NYC. Our summer school curriculum is designed to stimulate students’ curiosity, prevent learning loss, and give students the boost they need to be at the head of the class in the fall. Parents throughout NYC can contact us at (718) 457-0429 or view our programs online.

The Advantage of After School Programs

There are few things more important to you than your child’s education. Early educational steps can help your young student succeed in high school, college, and beyond. After school programs in New York City give your child a boost, improve academic performance, reduce risky behaviors, and even improve health. Studies show that students who attend after school programs get better grades in math and reading, and are less likely to be involved in juvenile crime. Take a look at this infographic to learn more about the importance of after school programs and how they can help your child achieve his or her full potential. Please share with your friends, family, and fellow parents.

after school program



What Makes 82nd Street Academics Special

82nd Street Academics is a premier learning center in Jackson Heights in Queens. Parents enroll their children here for student development that makes every moment count. 82nd Street Academics grew out of the ministry of Community Church of Jackson Heights. They watched their children of many home languages struggle in school and harnessed resources and expertise to make a difference.

Learn more about what makes our educational programs at 82nd Street Academics so unique.

Jackson Heights is a mix of many cultures, family structures and economic backgrounds. Our students appreciate our diverse community and they experience that diversity not just as tolerance but joy.

Our programs have a mixture of ages and cultures and our staff speaks a total fo 18 different languages. The goal of all of our programs is to help students take early steps to college.

82nd Street Academics offers a series of link programs that bridge each child’s path to college. All of our programs emphasize social and emotional intelligence. We want our students to leave school every day hearing they are a special act of creation.

We incorporate confidence building and personal responsibility inot the curriculum with activities as simple as family-style meals and discussing emotions. Research shows that children who understand and accept their own emotions and their peers are better equipped for success.

Through word of mouth from parents, teachers, and the children themselves, the school programs quickly became known for excellence , homework help, and social emotional skills. 82nd Street Academics is a non-profit educational institution providing academic services to children aged 2-17 in Jackson Heights, Queens.

Tips for Motivating Your Young Student

parentingYoung students thrive in a structured academic environment that supports the development of the whole child. One effective way to motivate your young student is to enroll him or her in kindergarten programs or other early childhood education programs that complement what he or she learns in the public school system. It’s also essential to encourage educational experiences outside the classroom.

Support Your Child’s Interests
Children tend to learn best when they are interested and engaged in the subject matter. Encourage your child to pursue his or her academic interests outside of school. Bring your child to the library and find non-fiction and fiction books on his or her favorite topics. Ask open-ended questions about his or her hobbies and interests. These types of questions give your child practice with expressive language skills and provide positive reinforcement for his or her academic efforts.

Encourage Your Child to Take Ownership of Education
As your student grows older, he or she will display increasing independence. Help your child stay engaged in learning by giving him or her control over his or her own education, within limits. Encourage your child to select after-school activities and choose his or her own library books. Provide your child with the tools he or she needs to keep schoolwork organized, such as a day planner and large binder.

Be a Positive Role Model for Young Learners
Children mimic the actions of their parents. Let your child see that learning is an exciting, lifelong endeavor. Every day, ask your child what he or she is learning in school. Then, share your own learning experiences. Let your child know how a reference librarian helped you find information on urban gardening, for example. Set aside time each day to read together and let your child see you choose books instead of the TV.

The exceptional educational programs available at 82 nd Street Academics encourage students to develop a lifelong love of learning. Visit our website to explore our programs, which include after-school programs, summer school, piano lessons, and test prep in NYC. Then, give us a call at (718) 457-0429 and ask us how we can help your child succeed.

Understanding the Whole Child Approach

The whole child approach is crucial for positive early childhood education and development. With this approach, teachers design the learning experience specifically to support each student’s physical development, and social and emotional intelligence. The whole child approach also promotes each student’s cognitive development, mathematical understanding, language acquisition, and literacy development. Preschool programs and other child care programs that utilize the whole child approach ensure that every child is engaged and challenged, while feeling safe and supported.

Increasingly, more educational programs are adapting to the whole child approach because educators recognize that it helps lay a foundation for lifelong success. To implement a whole child approach, early childhood educators use adaptive lesson plans that integrate multiple curricular areas while allowing for personalized educational experiences.

At 82nd Street Academics , our educators believe the whole child approach gives our students the best head start in life. Call us today at (718) 457-0429 to find out about enrollment in our after school programs or preschool programs in NYC.