Throughout the calendar year, 82nd Street Academics provides full and partial scholarships across all of our programs to deserving students in the Jackson Heights Community. Due to generous gifts from donors, 82nd Street Academics is able to offer subsidized tuition for a limited number of low income students. After School scholarships are also available; students must be nominated by the public school that the child attends.

82nd Street Academics has served 10,000 children and youth.

We have been a force for good. Recently, we sent our first batch of student names (born 1994 and before) who have graduated from high school to the National Student Clearinghouse to find out what happened.  To our delight, 77 out of 100 students who attend 4 or more of our programs attend or graduate from college.  A student is 65% more likely to go on to college if they attend four or more of our programs!

We are committed to saving seats in our programs for students in poverty. We offer scholarships each year in our After School and Summer School programs. The students are proposed by the Principal or Parent Coordinator of a local elementary school.  They choose the scholarship winners carefully so it’s a great way to make a difference and pass on a legacy of learning.

We ask for family income and give scholarships normally in the 70-80% range.

For example,  a scholarship to After School is valued at $2,100 – $2,400. We invite you to consider a named scholarship memorial or honor gift.  There is a special beauty of giving to leave a heritage in the life of a child. The scholarship gift will be presented with your name or the name that you choose to honor.

If you want to know more and how to make a named gift, please call 82nd Street Academics at 718 457 0429 and ask for Dr. Tompkins.

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We are proud to announce this year’s list of scholarships awarded by program:

3 Full-Time PS69 After School Full Scholarships
4 Full-Time PS69 After School Partial Scholarships
2 Full-Time 8110 After School Partial Scholarships
1 Drop-in 8110 After School Partial Scholarship
1 Dual Language Preschool Partial Scholarship

Total Scholarship Amounts Awarded:

School Year 2014-2015 $27,375.60
Summer 2014 $5,300
School Year 2013-2014 $68,594