CARES Program

82nd Street Academics CARES for Your Family

Parents are often trapped between competing demands – taking care of a child, getting to work on time, and waiting for the subway or in traffic.  They also worry about their child or student.  Youth development is more than pouring information into the brain– it’s development of student friendships, enrichment in arts and sports, and pride of accomplishment.

82nd Street Academics is built to serve family life. Students are the prime ingredient, but we can only serve students when families are included.  Our approach is built on the word ‘CARES’ . It stands for:

  • Convenience
  • Arts, Exercise and Drama
  • Ritual
  • Engaging
  • Social and Learning


Parents often need school schedules that match their work and responsibilities. 82nd Street Academics can help all year! Remember any of our convenient programs and you can start or stop them at any time.

  1. Sunrise – Before class daycare at 7am (Highland Campus Only)
  2. Early Bird – Before class daycare at 7:30am
  3. Extended Day – Add on to 3 and 4 year old programs until 6:30pm
  4. TGIF Fun Days – School Age and Early Childhood Fun Care when schools are closed
  5. Camera Access – for the busy parent who wants to be sure. For grandparents far away.

Arts, Exercise, and Drama

  1. Piano – 2 classes of music appreciation and 8 classes of piano training
  2. Exercise – State of the art playground at 81-10 campus. Excellent playground spaces at PS 69. Growing playground at Highland campus.  Exercise is built into all After School and Early childhood programs. The playground is never empty at 82nd Street Academics!
  3. Drama – combines self confidence building in performance, memorization, painting and set design, and a performance to make it a perfect year.


Students need the process of day to day development and single moments of achievement. These rituals provide the memories and confirm the student’s high opinion of themselves and what they can accomplish tomorrow. Students will not remember endless spelling tests, but they remember a ceremony with a prize for spelling.  82nd Street Academics provides ritual in our programs with

  1. Award Ceremonies – All school age programs have a calendar of award events. Many of these occur during the program time. Pictures are available.
  2. Legacy Night – Local leaders and elected officials join parents and staff for a night of celebration. Students who have attended 3 or more programs at 82nd Street Academics are honored.
  3. Moving Up Ceremonies – Early Childhood students have a natural desire to keep growing and discovering the next step. The Moving Up ceremonies capture this memory for them.


Parents often want to compare notes with other families. We help that with Parent Events during the year. We invite your family to join us. There are receptions at each of these events. We also provide name tags to help you meet new friends quickly.  You can wear up to 5 name tags in the event – language, sexual orientation, age of children, name of child’s school, and religion and an opening question tag (You can ask me about …)

  1. Gifted and Talented Night
  2. Principals Night Elementary
  3. Principals Night Middle School
  4. Legacy Night

82nd Street celebrates diversity. We expand our translations to include more language communities in our community. We support families led by single parents, LGBT parents, and MF parents. We understand that students are discerning their own identity – in maturing from year to year,  in exploring the American experience mixed with  a 2nd or 3rd home culture, or in gender expression.  82nd Street CARES.

Social and Learning

Social – Children and students need to be rich in friends. 82nd Street Academics is a place where friendships happen. Staff encourage daily times at meals, on the playgrounds, and sharing drama projects, STEM projects, and learning centers. You can give your child no greater gift than the gift of friendship.

Learning – 82nd Street Academics is a premier learning place in Jackson Heights. Our managers revise our curricula annually to change with New York State standards. Our Early Childhood programs are monitored carefully and by the Department of Education.  We had 560 students apply this year for Universal Pre-K. Families come here for student development that makes every moment count.

Enroll Your Student Today!

Many of the programs listed are small so choices are limited as programs fill.  Sign up today so that you have the choice of all that you want. Call 718-457-0429 for more information!