The Legacy Circle

Your Family…

has taken an important step to join the Legacy Program of 82nd Street Academics. The Legacy Program honors students and families for the attainment of educational goals and participation in multiple school-age programs of 82nd Street Academics. The goal of the Legacy Program is to increase access to quality higher education in a public college or university in New York State.


Only 18 of out 100 students attend college or graduate in Jackson Heights. Only 65 out of 100 students ever graduate from high school in all of New York City. These are sobering facts in an economy where the good jobs are only for those with a good education.  The Department of Education is trying to change the number. The state and Common Core are trying to change the number.

While we applaud all efforts to get students to and through college, there is one local proven method – attending multiple programs at 82nd Street Academics.

We’ve been collecting data since 1996 on students. There are currently 12,000 students in the 82nd Street Academics database and 1,000 students are college age or beyond. We sent those names to the National Student Clearinghouse. This nonprofit agency tracks the educational credentials of every person in the United States who has attended college.

The results are the following correlations:

  • 1 program – 50% in college
  • 2 programs – 60%
  • 3 and 4 programs – 70%
  • 5 programs – 80%

82nd Street is doing further analysis to study the data by gender, language, and other variables. However, one good explanation for the continuing rise in college attendance as the degree of participation at 82nd Street Academics rises is that student exposure to the Five Goals of 82nd Street Academics really equips students for the rigor of high achievement in high school and college.

The Legacy Circle offers benefits to you and your school age student. Benefits increase as your student attends additional programs.  Benefits include certificates, badges, tuition discounts and parent legacy recognition.

Shirts and Book Bags

Students of all tuition based programs receive school shirts and book bags once per year. Designs change every year. Students are encouraged to wear the shirts on Spirit Assembly days which occur once per month.


The Staff of each program group at 82nd Street Academics will design three certificates to be earned in every year of After School.

  • School Spirit
  • Attendance
  • Most Improved
  • Highest Participation
  • Always Prepared

To retain membership in the Legacy Program, every student needs to choose and attain one certificate per program.


There are five badges that can be earned that reflect the five Ends Policies of 82nd Street Academics.

  • Social Emotional Intelligence
  • Appreciating and Empowering Diversity
  • Physical Health
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Exposure
  • Autonomous Academic Skill Development (Homework Completion and Research Method)

Students who wish to earn a badge should speak to the Program Director.

Parent Appreciation Events

The Legacy Program depends on the sacrificial commitment of parents for the best future for their children. 82nd Street Academics acknowledges this with formal recognition in the 2nd program that their student attends, and a complimentary Legacy Circle Award Event in the third program and following.