Supplemental Services

We offer a variety of engaging extra curricular activities to supplement your child’s education!

DRAMA & Dance

dance drama camp

Drama class is a chance for students to use their imagination and have fun working together. Core abilities developed by drama include honest self-expression, clarity of intention, and cognitive flexibility.

The dance program at 82ndst Academics introduces students to the exciting world and art form of dance. Students engage with dance in a fun and positive environment. The goal of the program will be for the students to learn basic dance moves,  spark creativity and explore new ways of learning.


TGIF Child Care


We understand that quality, affordable, and reliable child care can be difficult to find. That’s why we provide a full day child care services on the days you need it most! Our TGIF Child Care program starts as early as 7:30am and ends as late as 7pm. In addition, a healthy NYS approved breakfast, lunch, and snack are included. Activities, projects, and group activities are organized throughout the day. At least 90 minutes of outdoor play  in our unique Learning Park or free time is scheduled each child care day. Special events and trips are planned throughout the year! For more information, click on the links below:




Musical competence and dexterity are not only applicable to learning new instruments, but also beneficial for a child’s overall personal and academic growth. The ability to read musical symbols, distinguish time signatures that involves basic math, and the development of fine motor skills are just some of the transferable skills your child will gain. We strive to provide a great musical foundation for all students!


Learning Park

Our unique learning park and playground is available to all 82nd Street Academics’ students! For more information, visit our Learning Park page.