Piano Lessons

Our Distinctive Approach

At 82nd Street Academics, our piano lessons build creativity. We invite new students to experiment with piano and musical basics in our first two levels of piano: Piano 1 and Piano 2.

Students who have excelled in these first two courses can go on to complete 8 additional courses that develop enduring piano skills. Using the Bastien Piano Basics books, students develop a love of music! Students gain a set of piano and musical skills that they can use for the rest of their lives. In the final four courses, lessons are organized to help students play songs from familiar artist.

Program Description

The Piano Program at 82nd Street Academics offers multiple levels of expression with piano. We invite both brand new students or those who have already started down a more serious path. Using the Bastien Piano Basics books as our curriculum, in addition to unique instructor created materials, we offer a 10 semester program that accomplishes our program goal.


Program Dates: February 27th, 2017 – June 21st 2017
Class Times:
Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday, between 2:30-6:30
Location: Room 8/Stage @ 8110 35th Ave. Jackson Heights, NY
Registration Form: piano-registration-form-spring-2017

For more information, please call 718-457-0429 x200 or x201 or email francis.galvez@82ndst.com.

Piano Instructor Biography

Jeff McGregor has over a decade of experience teaching music to students of all ages and levels of experience.  He holds a Masters of Music from New York University, as well as a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Music from the University of Calgary. Jeff has a long history of inspiring young musicians and creating a positive and inclusive environment for his students. In addition to his work with beginning musicians, he has taught as an adjunct instructor at NYU. Jeff is an active performer playing in a variety of groups and venues in the city. He will be releasing his debut album in early 2017.

Curriculum Description

The piano curriculum at 82nd Street Academics is for those interested in learning piano and exploring music designed to teach students who are novice to intermediate. The class is fifty-five minutes long dedicated to hands-on piano performance and music theory using Bastien Piano Basics methods books. The classroom has six individual pianos for each student. Each piano has the full 88 keys and have semi weighted action with keyboard stand and music stand. Along with each piano there are individual headphones so that each students can practice without distraction.

Performance Skills & Music Theory

The class is broken into two sections, the first dedicated to performance skills and the second, music theory, with more time weighted on the former. During the performance section, we review students’ songs from Bastien Performance Book addressing how to approach each song. This includes proper technique, hand position, and finger execution for each song and student. In the second half of the class, students listen to a daily lecture from Ms. Luisa in conjunction with the Bastien Music Theory Books. Topics include (depending on level) melody, harmony, and rhythm, notes, note values, the grand staff, dynamics, melodic and harmonic intervals, and writing music.

Piano Recital

At the end of the fall and spring semester, 82nd St will host a live, open to the public piano recital. Each student from the piano curriculum may participate and is encouraged to perform a piece of music they have worked on from the current semester.

Parent Review

“Gifted teachers, my daughter loves piano thanks to 82nd Street Academics” -Parent of Izel Acosta, Primer 2 Student

  • Below is a description of the 10 semester progression, including learning goals for each level:

    Primer 1

    -Using the first half of the Primer books from the Bastien Series, students will learn to read and play in C position on the treble and bass staves. Students will play pieces involving two handed coordination.

    Primer 2

    -Using the second half of the Primer Level books, students will continue to read and play in C position, be introduced to G position and sharps and flats, and play songs using C and G major chords

    Level 1A

    -Using the first half of the Level 1 books, students will be introduced to F position, understand C, G, and F key signatures, will attain ability to play primary chords, will perform songs up to 24 measures of music, will be introduced to V7 chord, and will be introduced to eighth notes.

    Piano 1B

    -Using the second half of the Level 1 books, students will be introduced to dotted quarter notes, the sustain pedal, natural signs, and will refine their piano technique.

    Piano 2A

    -Using the first half of the Level 2 books, students will learn songs in binary and ternary forms, intervals up to a 7th, refine understanding of primary chords and their inversions, and learn C and G major scales.

    Piano 2B

    -Using the second half of the Level 2 books, students will play pieces in 6/8 time, learn the order of sharps, play the F, D, A, and E major scales, and learn the primary chords of F, D, A, and E major.

    Piano 3A

    -Using the first half of the Level 3 books, students will be introduced to relative minor keys, major and minor triads, the D minor scale, triplet rhythms, and the octave. Students will play music of increasing complexity.

    Piano 3B

    -Using the second half of the Level 3 books, students will learn about octaves, chromatic scales, the order of flats, and the D-flat, A-flat, and E-flat major scales.

    Piano 4A

    -Using the first half of the Level 4 books, students will refine their pedal technique, learn the E minor scale, identify and play first and second inversion triads, augmented chords and be introduced to sixteenth note rhythms.

    Piano 4B

    -Using the second half of the Level 4 books, students will learn diminished triads, syncopated rhythms, parallel major and minor scales, G-flat, and B-flat major scales, and learn the function of the circle of fifths.

  • All group classes are 55 minutes in length. Our 4 year-old classes maintains a 5:1 student to teacher ratio. All of our other age groups have a 6:1 ratio.

    Please view registration forms for schedule details.

    Make-Up Classes: Attendance is strongly encouraged at all scheduled sessions to maximize the benefits of the program for your child. If you know that you must miss more than 2 regular sessions, please sign up for Piano Classes in a future semester instead.

  • Start date for fall program, September 26th.