P.S. 280

Future Leaders Academy

Our Mission

The mission of 82nd Street Academics is to complement public education so that students, regardless of home language, will have access to quality higher education. Our mission supports P.S. 280’s goal to promote student achievement needed for vocational and college success for all students, including their English Language Learners. Together, we are the Future Leaders Academy.

Program Description

With strategic reading opportunities throughout the day and continuous inclusion of science exploration, students participate in a rigorous curriculum that demands their best efforts every day. With the help of the P.S. 280 staff team, we incorporate themes from the day to support student progress. We offer free after school and summer school services funded by the Department of Youth and Community Development.

The Future Leaders Academy Program will begin in September  and runs Monday through Friday from 2:20 pm to 5:30 pm. This program is available to PS 280 students for free in Kindergarten through 5th Grade. For more information, please contact Giselle Lopez at (718)683-2013 or at giselle.lopez@82ndst.com.

*Please note this program is for PS 280 students only.