Hunters Point Community Middle School

The After-School program at Hunter’s Point Community Middle School opened its doors on September 2014. The program is funded by DYCD (Department of Youth & Community Development) and is FREE for students who attend HPCMS. The program runs Monday to Friday, 2:40pm-5:45pm, but  during the winter months, dismissal is at5:30pm. The program provides a variety of activities such as homework help, leadership development, physical education, book clubs, STEM activities and a theme/metaphor, ‘Find My Flow’, to entice students to attend. HPCMS neighbors the East River. Students can look outside the windows in their classrooms and see flow happening. The metaphor encourages students to understand their personality, learning style and possible career path.

For more detailed information, please call 718-609-3000 Ext. 1152 or view Hunter’s Point website here.

Parent Review

“I would like to let you know that the 82nd Street After School Program is one of the best thing that helped my daughter’s transition from Elementary School to Middle School. 

1) Did my child benefit  from participating in the program?
My daughter used to be so shy, introvert and a follower.  Now, I am so happy to see her bloom into a different person. She’s full of life, happy and full of confidence that replicates a true leader! She never wants to miss a day of school and After School.  She had an almost-complete attendance (missed 1 day because I had to take her for a scheduled Dental extraction of her baby-teeth). The schedule is so beneficial for me too because I work from 9 to 5 and the program ends at 6 which is perfect for me to pick her up.

2) Were the 82SA staff able to support my child’s needs?
The After School Program is such a big Homework help.  Ms. Andrea (her After School teacher) is such an angel.  The most impressive thing that I can never forget is her chasing around my daughter’s academic teachers to make sure all her homework was done and submitted.  I salute her dedication!  She gives credit where credit is due, and takes action if kids needs extra attention (discipline). One day while I was busy doing our monthly bills, Ella approached me and said, “Mommy, let me help you with that, Ms. Andrea has been teaching us how to handle money and how to budget.” I was amazed and very impressed!

And of course, Mr. Julio is a rock star! The first time they introduced 82SA with Mr. Julio, I knew right there and then that his program will be advantageous and FUN! He’s very smart, a great leader and knows how to lead his pack to the right direction. 

3) What would I change about the program in the year to come?
Honestly, I can’t think of anything negative to change your wonderful program (maybe add more fruits for snacks?)  You’re giving me FREE Afterschool Program and my child is very happy.  I am a very satisfied and happy parent!

Kudos to all of you!”

Emelyn Victoriano- Sanchez, Mother of Ellamarie Sanchez Class 601