Summer School PS69 Calendar 2016

Summer School PS69 Calendar 2016

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PS 69 Summer Calendar

Summer Preschool Calendar 2016

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Summer Preschool 2016 Calendar

Main Site Summer School Calendar 2016

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Main Site Summer 2016 Calendar

Full Day & Half Day Preschool Calendar 2016-2017

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PreSchool Calendar 2016 2017 Full Day Half Day-2

After School Pre Registration Ends July 31

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savingsIf you register for Fall 2016 by July 31, there is no registration fee. That’s a savings of $50.
Call or send us an email we will bill you for your June 2017 payment. Your next bill after this will be August 15 to pay for September 2016. It’s so simple! Save $50 for more summer time fun

How to Find the Right Preschool

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Early childhood education programs, such as preschool or pre-k classes, give your child a valuable opportunity to learn skills that will help him excel in a kindergarten program. Your child will learn letters, shapes, and numbers, and will participate in numerous fun and educational activities such as arts and crafts.

Every child has different needs and preferences, which is why it’s important for you, as a parent, to find the right pre-school for your child. Watch this video to hear early childhood education experts discuss what to look for in a quality pre-school program, and what questions to ask the staff so that your child will feel comfortable and eager to learn.

The best early childhood education program in NYC is at 82nd Street Academics. Our program encourages gross motor and games, literacy and stories, drama and art, and family style great food! We offer a challenging prep school curriculum to children of all cultures and backgrounds, taught by highly qualified teachers with experience dealing with learning difficulties and language barriers. Call us today at (718) 489-3937 for more information.

The Piano Program at 82nd Street Academics

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At 82nd Street Academics, we take a whole-child approach to early childhood education. We firmly believe in empowering students to rise above social injustice, to form cross-cultural relationships, and to become self-confident, emotionally resilient young learners. The Piano Program at 82 nd Street Academics is an integral component of our whole-child approach. It speaks to children’s need for creative self-expression and sense of accomplishment. Additionally, piano lessons transcend any verbal language barriers to provide true universal expression. We want children to develop a music appreciation, learn to experiment in the arts, and give students a set of tangible piano skills that they can use for the rest of their lives.

The Piano Program offers classes for students of multiple skill levels. Students will first take our Piano 1 and Piano 2 classes. Then, they may choose to complete eight additional piano classes to refine their skillset. Our 10-semester program offers a comprehensive introduction to music appreciation, performance skills, and music theory. We’re excited to announce that we now offer more classes than ever before. We’ve moved from a two-day schedule to a four-day schedule with our piano lessons to give families greater scheduling flexibility.

Each 55-minute piano class emphasizes hands-on piano performance. Students learn proper hand positioning, finger execution, and performance technique for each song. All of our pianos are equipped with individual headphones to allow students to practice without distraction. Students will also delve into music theory with Bastien Piano Basics methods books. Music theory topics include melody, harmony, notes, dynamics, and many others. At the conclusion of our fall and spring semesters, we encourage piano students to participate in a piano recital to showcase what they have learned.

The Piano Program at 82 nd Street Academics is grateful to have the services of a gifted pianist, Luisa Matthynssens, who began playing the piano at the age of seven. Ms. Matthynssens has been teaching piano for years, including teaching master classes with other renowned pianists.

We’re currently registering students for piano lessons, which begin on September 17 th. If you have any questions about our piano lessons near NYC, you can call us at (718) 457-0429. We encourage parents to find out more about giving their children the academic head start they need with the pre-k and after-school programs available at 82 nd Street Academics.

Keeping Your Kids Healthy at School

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Early childhood education is essential for all children. Yet, children who go to pre-k are more likely to develop colds than those who stay home. This is simply due to the increased exposure to germs. You can support your children’s well-being by teaching them how to wash their hands properly. Tell your children when it is necessary to wash their hands, such as after playing outdoors and using the bathroom, and before eating meals.

Watch this video to get some more helpful tips on keeping your children healthy throughout the school year. You’ll hear two early childhood education experts discuss food allergies and dispel myths regarding the spread of lice.

At 82nd Street Academics, your children will reach academic goals within a safe, clean environment. For more information about our test prep, after-school programs, summer school, or kindergarten programs near NYC, you can call us at (718) 457-0429.

Helping Your Child Prepare for Standardized Tests

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TEST PREPStandardized tests have become increasingly important, particularly with the implementation of the Common Core standards. The Common Core calls for math and ELA testing for students in grades three through eight. Although the Common Core was designed to prepare students for success throughout their lifetime, students—and their parents—are likely to experience test anxiety. Enrolling your child in pre-k, summer school, test prep programs, and other academic programs can help him or her develop the foundation for success on standardized tests. Children will gain a Social Emotional strength to win and a higher order thinking through Test Prep.

Encourage a Positive Attitude
One of the obstacles to success on a standardized test is anxiety. You can help your child by encouraging him or her to adopt a positive attitude toward test and school in general. Let your child know that the standardized test is an opportunity for him or her to demonstrate how much academic progress he or she has made. Additionally, teach your child relaxation techniques. Tell your child to inhale deeply through the nose for several seconds and then exhale slowly through the mouth. Simple stretches such as rolling the shoulders while seated at a desk can also help students relax during the test.

Support Critical Thinking Skills
The Common Core standards emphasize the importance of critical thinking skills over rote memorization. You can help your child develop his or her critical thinking skills by asking open-ended questions. For example, read a story together and then ask your child, “What lesson did this story teach?” instead of a question such as, “What was this story about?”

Develop Good Study Habits
Good study habits are crucial for children at every grade level. Although children do need some time to decompress after the school day, encourage your child to get into the habit of completing homework before dinner. Make it a household rule that your child must set aside 15 minutes each day to review previous lessons.

The Test Prep Program at 82 nd Street Academics equips third, fourth, and fifth graders with the academic knowledge and test-taking strategies they need to excel on standardized tests. Our test prep in NYC follows a curriculum based on the New York Learning and Common Core standards. Parents can call us at (718) 457-0429 or visit our website to learn more about our pre-k, kindergarten programs, and after-school programs.

The Importance of Piano Lessons

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Early childhood education should ideally include supplemental services such as piano lessons. Piano lessons offer children many benefits. They facilitate a child’s creativity. They also instill a positive work ethic in children by teaching them that learning a new skill takes hard work and persistence. When children master a difficult piece, they grow in self-confidence and self-esteem. Furthermore, piano lessons do not detract from academic instruction; they actually support it while helping children develop an appreciation for music.

Studies have shown that children who learn to play musical instruments achieve higher scores on spatial cognitive development and standardized tests. Piano instruction in particular is highly beneficial for children. Children who take piano lessons at after school programs display a better understanding of mathematics, particularly fractions and ratios. They also perform better on spatial-temporal reasoning tests.

The intensive piano curriculum at 82nd Street Academics complements our high-quality academic programs, which include pre-k, summer school, and kindergarten programs near NYC. Call us at (718) 457-0429 or visit us online for more information about enrollment in our piano lessons.