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Early Steps to College

82nd Street Academics’ mission is to complement public education so that students, regardless of home language, will have access to quality higher education. We help students take those crucial “early steps to college.” Our main office is located in the heart of Jackson Heights, Queens – a historic New York City neighborhood growing in cultural and lingual diversity.

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    Universal Pre-K Spots Open @ Highland

    We are accepting applications for our FREE Universal Pre-K program in Jamaica, Queens (2010 births only).

    After School Seats Still Available!

    Grades K-5 for school year 2014-15. Inquire now, 718-457-0429.

    Reminder: UPK classes are closed Oct. 23rd

    3 year old programs and 4 year old private programs are still in session.

    Join Us For the Annual Halloween Day Parade!

    Parade begins at 4:30pm at 8110 35th Ave. We’ll see you there!


Follow your heart and donate what you can to help

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